We offer customized network solutions to increase the productivity of any business by optimizing their network infrastructure, connectivity and permissions.

Some of our Network Services are,

  • Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Private Network & Addresses setup.
  • Pooling of IP addresses.
  • Support migration between network service providers.
  • IP Masquerading also called Network address and port translation (NAPT), port address translation (PAT).
  • Load balancing of servers.
  • Setting up Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) Interaction.
  • Lease Renewal.
  • Setup Domain Name Service (DNS) to exchange messages between client and server machines.
  • Setup Top-level domain (TLD) servers, Authoritative DNS servers and Local Name Servers.
  • DNS Queries & DNS name resolution.
  • DNS Caching and updating records.
  • IP Unicasting, Broadcasting and Multicasting over Packet Network.
  • Multicast Address Translation and Mapping.
  • Setting up Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) to support IP multicast.

Beyond Networing Services

Take a look at our other solutions that go well beyond network services. FedScale is a leader in more information technology areas needed most by federal agencies and the defense industry.

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